Michael Kerr: the organic farm adventure, part 2


14.11.2008 It's been almost a week on the farm and I haven't cut off my leg with the chainsaw or been mauled by hungry sheep! Read on to find out how I've been spending my days

The past few days have left me dirty, sore and a bit cut up. Over the past few days, we haven't made any progress on the fence project but a few other tasks have been handled. We built a new housing for the bee hives. I was a little wary as we transported the bees from their old housing to the new one. Sure it wouldn't have been a problem if we had any protective clothing but we both walked away from it unscathed.

The past two days, I've been working to clear out a large amount of brush along the orchard. With my trusty chainsaw and hedgeclippers, I've created quite a large pile of debris that will be fun to burn in a few days. This weekend, Vojtečh has gone to Prague for some family commitements and he's left me here on the farm. I really appreciate him leaving me the farm to watch over, considering that he's only known me for a week. I've had all sorts of tasks to handle while he's been gone. They've included driving his truck to the mechanics, minding the flock of sheep (that keep managing to escape from the orchard), drilling and pounding in more posts for the never ending post project and taking deliveries for equipment for the farm. Yesterday we recieved over a kilometer of mesh fencing, rolled up into 20 rolls. The delivery man was warned that I didn't speak czech apparently but continued talking to me regardless. Today, it was a shipment of a few hundred glass bottles for the cider we are going to be pressing, bottling and selling. I am not sure if this driver knew I spoke no czech, he tried to steal some of the honey we'd collected from the beehives. I just shook my head and thanked him for the delivery. Crazy czech delivery dudes.

Tonight I went into the local pub. I had been warned that it was dirty and smokey, well lets just say that I wasn't dissapointed. No one seemed to be able to speak english there but it was still nice to be in a public meeting place and with pints at about 1$, who cares?

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