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14.11.2008 When the farmer is away, michael will play!

Well Vojtečh went to Prague for the weekend, visiting his girlfriend, Lanka and some various family members. I still managed to get a little work done on the farm, mostly digging post holes for the fence and brush clearing. I definetly took advantage of the ability to sleep in and move at my own pace. On Saturday, I took a leisurely bike ride through the countryside and enjoyed the rolling hills and tiny town if rural czech republic. Occasionally, it was a bit creepy, as I'd roll into a town on the bike and continue to roll through, not seeing another living soul as I rolled out the other side (500m later). The only downside to the bike ride was, as the sun began to set it becamse incredibly windy, to the point where it was a challenge just to keep  the bike moving forward. Granted, I was a little tired after biking all day but the windy was unrelenting. The last 8km of my trip took me almsot an hour to complete. How lame is that? Thats almost walking speed.

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